Stacy Abrams, Democratic Gubernatorial candidate in Georgia, spends her final day of her historic campaign to become the first African-American woman elected in this State, at ILA Local 1414

Stacey Abrams, the dynamic and progressive Democratic candidate for Georgia Governor Honored the ILA this morning by meeting with members at ILA Local 1414 in Savannah. International Vice President Willie J. Seymore; Local 1414 President Timothy Mackey and officers and ILA members welcomed the ILA-endorsed Democratic candidate to their packed union hall and again pledged the ILA’s full support to help make Stacey Abrams the first African-American woman elected Governor of Georgia. International Vice President Vince Cameron travelled up from Jacksonville, Florida to help greet Ms. Abrams to the ILA. ILA President Harold Daggett is counting on ILA members and their families in Georgia to get out the vote tomorrow.

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