ILA Member in Galveston Looks To Bring Relief To Children Separated From Their Parents At Texas Borders


As the images and reports of babies and toddlers being ripped apart from their parents filled television screens across America in recent days, ILA member Brian Walker from Local 1504-8 in Galveston, Texas felt he had to do something.

The Trump Administration’s policy of separating family members crossing U.S. borders illegally was happening in Brother Walker’s State of Texas. Many of his co-workers and ILA Sisters and Brothers at all the locals in Galveston and Houston were Hispanic whose pain of witnessing sobbing children from their native countries was too much to bear.

This week, Brother Walker began speaking to his fellow ILA members about doing something positive. Something to ease the pain of these families separated by a misguided policy (and later changed by an Executive Order signed by President Donald Trump.) Within days, Brother Walker received word from many Texas ILA locals that they wanted to help.

“Powerful solidarity for a universal cause,” said Brother Walker. “Everyone wanted to bring comfort to these suffering children and their families.”

Already Brother Walker has a meeting arranged with a Director of Child Services who will suggest resources ILA members can collect that would be most effective.

To all his ILA Sisters and Brothers, Brian Walker extends a message that aptly applies to him: “Thank you so much for your help. This means a lot.”

As Brother Walker’s campaign becomes more organized, we will share contact information for all who might want to help.

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