Coastal Communities Fight to Slow Seaports Surge

Population growth and bigger vessels fuel capacity expansion, but local activists say ecosystems quality of life suffer.

As major U.S. seaports look to expand amid growing trade volume, neighboring communities are increasingly pushing back against efforts by local officials and freight-transportation businesses to increase the ports’ capacity, contending sprawling port infrastructure inhibits their way of life.

Wall Street Journal

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Competitors are eating into L.A. ports’ dominance

Early morning on April 19, the massive Maersk Edmonton moored at the nation’s biggest cargo terminal, in the Port of Los Angeles. At 8 a.m., around 200 workers, operating.
By week’s end, shifts of worker had emptied the ship that carries more than 13,000 container units when fully stocked onto trucks headed to nearby warehouses or to trains headed across the country.

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When Does Your TWIC Card Expire?

We have been receiving reports of longshoremen having difficulty getting their new TWIC cards once they have expired.  We want you to be aware of when your TWIC card expires so this does not happen to you.


The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) does not have a renewal system anymore and everyone will have to enroll again to receive a new TWIC card.  To enroll and receive your new card you will have to schedule an appointment and bring in your birth certificate and driver’s license or just your passport.  You will be required to go through a background check and have your fingerprints and photo taken.  In most cases it takes 2 to 6 weeks to receive your new card after enrollment.  The TSA recommends that you enroll for your new TWIC card at least 8 weeks prior to your current card expiring.  Please be aware of your TWIC card’s expiration date and enroll for a new card ahead of time to avoid any delays that could cost you an opportunity to work.


For more information or to enroll for your new TWIC card, please visit the TSA’s Universal Enrollment Service.

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South Atlantic & Gulf Coast District Educational Seminar in New Orleans


On Saturday, April 9th members of the ILA joined with workers from the Hilton New Orleans Riverside in delivering a letter calling on hotel management to agree to a fair process to organize. Willie Woods, banquet server spoke to the ILA members to inform them about workers’ efforts to win a process for organizing that is free from intimidation, harassment and illegal activity.  The ILA stands with the workers of the Hilton New Orleans Riverside.


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Charleston port moving forward with container weighing services

The Port of Charleston says it is in the final stages of tests to see whether the port can provide in-terminal container weighing services for shippers to comply with the new International Maritime Organization container weight rule that goes into effect this July.

Read more: Journal of Commerce

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