International and Atlantic Coast District To Hold Quadrennial Conventions in July 2019 in Hollywood, Florida

NORTH BERGEN, NJ – (April 19, 2019) The International Longshoremen’s Association, AFL-CIO will hold its 55th Quadrennial Convention from July 22-25, 2019 at the Diplomat Beach Resort Hotel in Hollywood, Florida, according to an announcement by International President Harold J. Daggett. Mr. Daggett, who will serve as Convention Chairman for the ILA’s conclave, has announced that he intends to run for reelection as International President. Elections will be held for all Executive Offices and Executive Council members on the final day of the four-day conference.

The ILA’s Atlantic Coast District will hold its 36th Quadrennial Convention during the week prior to the International Convention. The ACD will be in convention session on Tuesday, July 16 through Thursday, July 18, 2019, also at the Diplomat Hotel. Michael J. Vigneron is completing his first four-year term as ACD President and is expected to run for reelection. The ACD will hold elections for all its officers on the final day of their assembly.

Each convention will feature prominent speakers from labor, politics, business and the maritime community. Resolutions will be considered at the two Conventions where the ACD and ILA will map out programs, strategies and goals to accomplish over the next four years.

The Conventions come nearly a year after ILA President Daggett and the union negotiated a landmark six-year contract with generous wage increases and protections against fully automated terminals. It is likely both union and management speakers will discuss this new agreement and its impact in their Convention remarks.

Convention Calls have already gone out to ILA Locals with information on Convention delegates, submission of resolutions and other important items. This year, for the first time, delegates and guest attending the convention will register on-line, with instructions and links sent to locals after they complete and return their Convention Calls.

“We look forward to gathering together for our two major Conventions,” said ILA President Daggett. “We have worked very hard these past four years to make our ILA stronger and we will now hold these Conventions to design our strategies for meeting the challenges in the future.”

Convention badges and other material will be available for pick-up during two-days prior to each convention. The ACD will hold its pre-convention delegate and guests badge pickups on Sunday, July 14, and Monday, July 15, 2019. The International will hold pre-Convention registration for delegates and guests on Saturday, July 20, and Sunday, July 21, 2019.

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New Features for ILA Workers in Jacksonville!

We are pleased to announce new features available to ILA workers in Jacksonville!  They can now view weekly updates on Year-To-Date (YTD) Contract Hours, YTD Gross Income Pay for the calendar year and the MILA healthcare status bar.  We look forward to working with your port soon!

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ILA District Opposes Mayor Turner

For Immediate Release
March 19, 2019

The International Longshoremen’s Association South Atlantic and Gulf Coast District is rescinding its prior support of Mayor Sylvester Turner. This action is taken as a result of Turner’s handling of Proposition B and the collective bargaining process.  District President Alan A. Robb said, “Mayor Turner has turned his back on Houston Firefighters, the labor movement, and Houston voters in his apparent refusal to bargain in good faith with the firefighters for a mutual resolution. The Mayor continues to fight the will of the voters and has shown a total lack of respect for the 298,000 Houstonians who sided with our firefighter brothers and sisters.  Currently and significantly, firefighters continue to express their frustration with the Turner administration.”

The Turner administration has displayed hostility to the collective bargaining process. “Mayor Turner’s administration is apparently seeking an erosion of public employee rights in pending litigation which has caused the ILA concern and is a factor in our opposition to Mayor Turner. As working men and women in this community we have a stake in any effort to suppress workers’ voices. We hope the mayor realizes the impact of his decisions regarding the firefighters has a domino effect that hurts all wage earners in this community.” Robb said.

The ILA represents over 65,000 longshore workers along the eastern and gulf coasts, including the Port of Houston.

Turner Press Release – March 19, 2019

Contact:  Eloy Cortez
Phone:  281-461-8888

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THREE’S A CHARM: ILA President Harold Daggett Seeks 3rd Term


ILA President Harold Daggett announces he’ll seek third term as ILA President at union’s quadrennial Convention in July 2019. President Daggett successfully negotiated landmark six-year Master Contract In 2018.

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Our Time is NOW: Leading with Passion, Purpose & Power New Jersey State AFL-CIO Hosts 16th Annual WILD Conference


More than 300 union sisters from all sectors of organized labor gathered at the Hilton East Brunswick Hotel on Friday, March 1 for the 16th annual Women In Leadership Development (WILD) Conference. This two-day conference featured several distinguished speakers, including Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman, AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Elizabeth Shuler, and Alice Paul Institute Executive Director Lucienne Beard.

“WILD brings a multifaceted approach to leadership development through interactive education, mentorship and enduring networks of solidarity, and every year we are proud to add new layers to this foundation that reflect our changing culture and political environment,” said New Jersey State AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Laurel Brennan. “This year, the atmosphere of unity and sisterhood was remarkable as both first-time and long-time WILD sisters joined together to listen, learn, and lead in the fight to strengthen our labor movement and nation.”

On Saturday, the second day of the conference, attendees participated in two workshop discussions— Lobbying/Advocacy and Making a Difference: A Guide to Forming Women’s Committees—which provided the latest insights into building leadership skills and how to apply those strategies and tools to strengthen the collective voice of organized labor.

During the Lobbying/Advocacy session, attendees learned essential skills and strategies for making sure key issues are addressed by elected public officials. The panel featured a number of experienced lobbyist, including Kaufman Zita Group Senior Vice President Jeannine Frisby LaRue, CWA Political & Education Director Michele Liebtag, and Assemblywoman Carol A. Murphy. New Jersey State AFL-CIO Legislative Director Eric Richard served as moderator.

The next workshop, Making a Difference: A Guide to Forming Women’s Committees, outlined the steps one would need to follow in order to form a women’s committee, get it established, and assure support for its goals. The discussion was guided by the vast knowledge and experience of several women union leaders—including IUPAT Director of Government & Community Maria Foster, USW Women of Steel Coordinator Teresa Hartley, UWUA National Organizer/Women’s Caucus Chair Valerie King, and UBC Chair of Sisters in the Brotherhood Susan Schultz—while AFT Professional Negotiations Coordinator Jennifer S. Higgins acted as moderator.

“We were honored to welcome a distinguished panel of speakers and hundreds of our sisters to our conference this year,” said New Jersey State AFL-CIO President Charles Wowkanech. “This conference builds on WILD’s tradition of empowering ourselves, our unions, and our communities. And now, as we move forward, we will make sure that our sisters and brothers continue to lead the way in advancing a justice-driven agenda for all working people.”

The New Jersey State AFL-CIO is the only state federation in the nation to host an annual women’s leadership conference. We thank our WILD sisters and sponsors for their many years of support, enabling our state to champion a diverse, strong, and durable labor movement.

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